Thursday, April 3, 2014

Christ Across Culture

Christ across Culture
I never felt like I fit in anywhere. Maybe you can relate? Growing up as a missionary kid, you naturally stick-out; you look different, you act different. In Honduras this made sense, but when my family moved back to the United States, my sister and I were an anomaly. We didn’t have the right fashion sense, the right words; we were ignorant of the all cool shows. Learning to fit in, felt a like a massive learning curve.
            By the time High School rolled around, I had completely given up on fitting in.  I hung out with a group of outsiders and wore my outcast badge with pride. I was the first girl in high school to pierce her nose, I dated a guy in a band called “Thought Famine,” and I was obsessed the feminist punk rock band, “Bikini Kill.” It was easier to call yourself an outsider and hang out with other outcasts than admit that you cared about what the broader culture thought.
            As I grew older, my feelings of becoming an outcast moved beyond teenage angst and rebellion, into something more acute. I seriously wondered if there was a place or a thing I could do in life that would make things fit. It became a quest – one that ended at the age of twenty-four when I met Jesus. He understood me. He got me. He liked and even loved me. My outcast heart began to melt. Then God did something quite miraculous, he gave me people- his people. Despite all my prejudices, snobbery, and insecurity God gave me wonderful friends, who didn’t see an outcast in me, but a sister. What’s more, I have been shocked by how diverse these friends are. There is Percival from Jamaica; Beautiful Rose from England who helped led me to Jesus, John from Southern Sudan, Rosa who is 93 from Panama, and one of my favorite new additions, seven year old Ashley, who just wants to be “God’s Helper.”
            God has all sorts of friends, not just the cool ones, or the rich ones, but the ugly, smelly, scummy, outcast ones. Friends like me and friends like you. You see, I have become convinced that there is nobody who God does not want to befriend. He desires us all. The message of Jesus, his love for his people never changes, but the diversity of how the story is told and to whom it’s told is stunning. This is my passion, showing how Jesus connects with diverse cultures and people. Across cultures, counter cultures, or sub cultures, it doesn’t matter. Jesus always finds a way to reach us and the lengths he’ll go to reach us is staggering.
            That’s what this blog is about, connecting Christ across culture. I hope you join me in uncovering God’s message to all peoples. This message was spoken for you and for me. God speaks it today in this particular moment, no matter where the moment may fall, “I have come so that you may have life and have to it the full” (John 10:10). Friends, I hope you will join me as I try and uncover how God is speaking today!

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