Thursday, August 7, 2014

Upon my One Year Anniversary at Christ the King Church

When your husband signs on to be the assistant minister at a new church, it is actually, pretty daunting. You don’t know what you’re in for. You don’t know what people will expect of you, what opinions they will form of you, or what they’re really like. Will they be kind and loving to you or not? I don’t think of myself as a “minister’s wife,” but other people often do and sometimes that’s a very public, vulnerable place to be in.  

This was the first gathering at our home
I remember when I showed up for my first Sunday service at Christ the King, little Lydia was only one and asleep in her car-seat. Bo was up at the front doing his thing, so I randomly picked a spot in the back. A woman turned to me, introducing herself, and then said, “Lilly, I am so happy that you are here. This is really a wonderful place for you. You will be loved and welcomed here.” She told me later, she didn’t know I was married to Bo, but she thought I was just one of the “beautiful single mothers at Christ the King.” She was embarrassed that she “didn’t know who I was,” (please like she should? Most people don’t) but to me, this made her sincere words even more meaningful.
As I walked out to mingle after the service one of the cheekiest old men, I have ever met, came over and hugged me. Bo came up and introduced me to him, “What?” he said loudly, turning to Bo, “This is your wife? My opinion of you has just greatly increased.” By the time, Lydia and I walked to the car to go home I was muttering under my breath, thanking Jesus to be called to a loving church. 
As I have settled into life with my new brothers and sisters, there have been many more stories like these. They have done big and small things to make us feel welcomed and loved and we have entered into a real fellowship with them. 
First meeting of a small group, now Sunday night service
There are many things that are said on the difficulties of being a clergy spouse and I have experienced some of these things first-hand. There are also immeasurable blessings to clergy life and I am shocked by the way a church can love and accept a clergy family. The people of Christ the King have done that for us through their words and deeds. 

I am looking forward to more years of mutual blessing with them and very thankful for a great year.

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