Friday, October 3, 2014

Thanking God Instead of Screaming

What a face!
The last month set me reeling. I sailed the emotional highs of watching my son's face as he sleeps, the joy of watching my daughter hold his hand, and the feeling of greater completeness our family has now that Joshua is here with us. Then, there were also, those moments of staying up all night, listening to screeching cries (often crying myself), one trip to the E.R., the persistent "No!" of my toddler, and lots of mom guilt as we learn to juggle two babes. Every parent knows, it can be really, really hard. Have I wanted to scream in the past
month? Well, yes, on more than one occasion.

There is one thing that helps me and it can help us all, no matter what our current challenge is. Whether it is dealing with the trials of a newborn, financial difficulties, or broken relationships. Here it is: thank God for the challenge. Late at night, when I'm jiggling Josh to sleep, I praise God that I am going through this difficulty, because he can use it for my good and his glory. It calms me down every time and I have a little more strength to go on.

We thank him for the challenges of life, because we know he can make something new, glorious, and beautiful with it. St. Paul's spiritual medicine is best:  "...we glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope (Romans 5:3-5). 

Something miraculous happens when we thank God for the challenges of life, the darkness flees, the anxiety lessens, and helplessness subsides. When we thank God for our challenges, hope and peace come. And I know that we are all in need of some of hope and peace.

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