Thursday, November 6, 2014

Guest Post: Author Betty Arrigotti "Notice God's Love"

Notice God’s Love

Betty blue bordered (2)I want to challenge you to try something. Ask God to show you today how much you are loved. Then—here’s the challenge—pay attention and notice when He does, because He will, but you might not expect the method He chooses.
Rev. Michael Harvey spoke recently about a study that showed people in other countries are more open to spiritual experiences than we are in the States. We tend to lead our lives in such a hurried, busy state that we are too distracted to notice that small miracles surround us. We are spiritual as well as physical beings. So, why is it so hard for us to believe we are surrounded by a spiritual as well as physical world? We need to practice being aware of how God touches our lives.
Sometimes God shows us his love through nature:
  • In the vastness of the ocean, or stars, or a mountain range.
  • Or perhaps in the craft of a frost-covered spider web, or the contrast of red berries next to the white bark of a birch tree.
  • Maybe you’ll be entertained by the play of a puppy, the speed of a horse, or the call of a bird you haven’t heard before.
  • Maybe your heart dances when the first daffodil or crocus opens, or daphne causes you to inhale deeply.
God can speak to your heart through other people:
  • Someone’s words may strike home and seem like a personal message for your life.
  • A friend calls or stops by to visit.
  • An unexpected kindness makes your smile reach your eyes.
  • You listen to lyrics and a melody, or see beauty in a painting and are uplifted.
  • You can certainly know God’s affection through the embrace of a loved one.
  • Or sometimes, witnessing another’s misfortune, you realize how blessed you are.
If we are alert, we see the hand of God in coincidences:
  • Uncanny timing brings an old friend across your path, or averts an accident.
  • A deadline you weren’t ready for is suddenly postponed.
  • God was definitely cherishing you the day, the moment, when you met the love of your life.
You may experience God within you:
  • Inspiration comes and a problem is solved.
  • Your prayers bring you to a new awareness of God’s nearness and love.
  • Forgiveness you couldn’t quite attain settles gently into your soul.
  • A pervasive moodiness lifts and you re-experience joy.
  • You reach a goal that had eluded your efforts.
  • You suddenly realize what unrecognized gifts you’ve been given in your abilities, or your family, or your health.
In fact, if you want to grasp the wealth of God’s love for you, list the aspects of your life that make you grateful. Look to the past:
  • Note where God has blessed, rescued, or forgiven you.
  • Remember that even the times you suffered often brought forth growth. Perhaps a relationship ended and you were devastated, but later you fell in love with someone more perfect for you.
  • Go beyond your own past and study history to see God’s hand in it. Appreciate what your ancestors risked in order for you to know freedom and opportunity.
God can speak to you in pain:
  • Ponder the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.
  • Many people first find God when they are suffering, at the lowest point in their lives. When they cannot go on, they reach out to Him and experience a peaceful comfort and realize He sustains them.

Let’s open our eyes/hearts/souls to God and all the countless graces He showers on us each day and discover a critical step to growth. Once we know deep down, undeniably, that we are loved, it frees us to a sense of gratitude and an ability to love ourselves and others.
Discover what circumstances prove easiest for you to recognize God’s tender presence. For me, because I love nature, He tends to touch me in the beauty of sunshine, flowers, birds, and wildlife. I feel treasured when a flock of geese flies overhead or I spy a hidden deer. I also feel God-cherished through my family. When my husband smiles at me, or I hold a tiny baby, I connect with that spiritual world.

If you are like me, you may start out your day with the best intention to notice God’s love notes. Then the business of the day wears on and suddenly it’s bedtime and you haven’t thought about it again. That’s ok. You can mull over your day with a sense of gratitude as you fall asleep. And then you can begin again tomorrow because God will show you His love any day you choose to recognize it.
If we believe that God is love, we touch God whenever we open our hearts. Will you notice Him loving you today? Or will someone else notice because of your loving actions?

May you discover new depths of God’s personal, intimate love for you this week!


  1. What wonderful reminders of God's love for us! Thank you so much!

  2. Glorious reminders of God's love for all of us. Thank you, Betty!


  3. The more I see, the more I see. Beautifully done, and thanks for the reminder!

  4. Sadie and Sophie, I love your comment. It is so true, that the more we see him, the more we really begin to see how we are loved.