Friday, July 24, 2015

How We See Others

Often we view people in the light of our negative experiences or history. We think they’ve failed me in the past, they always do this, they never…” We believe the worst about them. Sometimes it’s important to ask ourselves, how do I see this person? Do I believe and hope the best in them and for them? Do I see them with the eyes of Jesus or my own limited sight?
We are called to see, believe, and hope the best in those around us. Even when they’ve disappointed us in the past, perhaps, especially, when they’ve disappointed us in the past.
The funny thing is, how we see others changes how we act toward them. When we know that everyone around is the beloved of Christ, we are more careful to act accordingly. Hoping the best in others can and will change our relationships with them, bring us all one step closer to redemption, breakthrough, healing, and love.  
Years ago, I was by all evidence a screw-up, but someone saw past all this, and chose to see me through the eyes of Christ. She said, “I had a vision of you and you were a holy woman of God.” These words have never left me. How we see people changes everything.
Who in our lives are we seeing falsely? Who do we need to take a better, different look at?  Let’s see that person the way Jesus does: his chosen, beloved in whom he has never given up hope on.

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