Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Time Together One of Great Joys of life

Spending time with your spouse, is one of the great joys of life. Don't let the devil, the cares and concerns of this life, rob you of this joy. Spending time together is a part of God's call and his redemptive plan for humanity. The world would love to crush this desire from us, making us at odds with each other and Creator. Jesus created this world for our good pleasure and gave us, one to another, to enjoy it.
At the beginning of the summer, Bo and I felt led to commit to a weekly date night.  Since the birth of our daughter 3 years ago, we have put spending time together on the back burner. There were always a lot of little reasons not to go out together. We didn't have the funds, she was sick, she hadn't had enough time with us, or we were too tired. We had trouble finding babysitters. Then our son came and even more excuses.
Four months ago,  after this crazy prayer session, I had a sister encourage me to spend more time with Bo and it has made a huge difference in terms of how we feel about one another, our relationship to God, and our relationship to our children.
I know how stressful it can appear, but make some changes, and spend time together. I'm the most hovering mother on the planet and if I can do it, I know you can. I never would have dreamed that my children would be at the point of cheering when the babysitter walks through the door.
There are so many reasons to not enjoy each other's company, but the reason to is so great.
If you're single, spend quality time with someone you care about, who gives you life.
If you're broke, try swapping nights out with another trusted family or spend money on a babysitter and go eat chips at the park. We go to really cheap places or picnic.
If you're in a crisis, all the more reason to carve out some time together.
One more thing, we like to go to church and sit in the nave and pray at the beginning of our dates. The still, quiet time with each other and God is like a cool drink on a hot day. Seriously, try it.
And, one more last thing, I think it's pretty okay if you have a fight on your date night. If you are a busy family, chances are you have been suppressing a lot feelings as you try to get through the week. Putting too much romantic pressure on the date, just makes for a lame time. The whole point is to just try and connect to one another,
Please tell me what you do on your dates (not everything, of course), but the highlights!