Friday, October 16, 2015

Further Update and Call to Pray

In my last post, I touched on the faith of South Sudanese refugees, but to go a bit deeper, and provide more context, here is an update on the current situation in South Sudan from Rev. John Chol Daau in his own words:

South Sudan is currently facing numerous post-independence challenges. Although, government structures are established and functioning gradually there are still greater challenges straining efforts for nation building. These challenges hindering progress include but not limited to poor governance, rampant corruption, violation of human rights or injustices, and protracted inter-communal conflicts and the ongoing war between government and rebels. Efforts for peace negotiations between the government and rebels to end the more than one and half year war have not yet bear fruits to reach peace agreement. Many civilians are vulnerable to preventable diseases and with no access to basic services.
I know how many of you are committed to prayer and John has asked us to pray. Lets pray that peace, reconciliation, and justice will reign for the future of Sudan, the people in refugee camps or displaced camps, and the ministers of the gospel who are faced with enormous challenges, nothing is too great for our Lord.
Lets pray that our own faith will be emboldened to stand alongside our brothers and sisters. Remembering, we never have to travel far to find the poor and needy. They are always with us. In our neighborhoods, churches, and schools. They need advocates. Men and women who are willing to stand along with them.
Personally, I am praying to do my small portion to the best of my ability. I don't think I'm some great leader or savior to the poor and the oppressed, but I would like to do a little more for my neighbor in need. Ill let you know how that goes.
Thanks friends for all your support.
It is as Mother Theresa said,
"In this life, we cannot do great things. Only little things with great love."

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