Monday, October 26, 2015

Latest Awesome Read

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons inspired and encouraged me. Here is what stood out:
1) I can always be close with my son. Without doubt, I will one day have to let him go, probably somewhere in his teen years, but I can still have a lasting relationship with him for years to come. The key is to let go and let him be the man God has called him to be. Check my ego, step aside some, and let him do his thing. I was encouraged because I've seen so few examples of healthy grown - up mother-son relationships, but she believes that this really is achievable.
2) Any mother can be a good mother. Single moms, married moms, stay at home moms, working moms, poor, rich, etc. can all be great moms. She gives so many examples of moms who undergo intense tragedy - they've lost their husband, their job, were abandoned, or their child was abused, but they are still able to be a good mother and love their children. In fact, you often saw how the tragedy when the mother didn't give up, but faced it with love and endurance could bring fruit in the lives of the family.
3) It confirmed something that I know is true, but often forget: Motherhood is a holy and esteemed vocation. It is God's work and it is damn important - so don't get too dispirited on all those challenging days. Sometimes I need a reminder not to be a lazy, grumbling mother, but to thankful and aware that this is good thing I'm doing and God is pleased.

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