Friday, December 11, 2015

Down with Perfectionism

I'm a perfectionist and it really sucks. I always want a clean home, nutritious meals, wonderful family time, better writing, quality time with Bo, and fruitful ministry. Trying to keep all this perfect wears a person down. Do you share this struggle?
Where is the room for God's grace? His tender mercy and love? How can God protect and defend you if you're trying so desperately to do it yourself? Our hands are so full juggling, we're never open to receive from him.
Perfection is boring. It doesn't exist. I'm so over it and I hope you are too.
Every day I tell my son and daughter, it's okay to make mistakes. Mistakes happen. Mistakes just give us the chance to love each other with more grace. God loves you even when you fail.
Mistakes and failures, God can work with. He loves to redeem our failures. If you have failed recently, thank God for his grace, let him love, forgive, and set you free.
This blog is so not perfect. I have all these great ideas, but it's always in progress. Ahhh, oh well. I'm going to sign off with an imperfect post with no glossy photos.
Have a beautiful weekend. You are more than loved then you could scarcely fathom.
Peace, your imperfect sister in the faith.

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