Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Book, a Rest, and Changes to Come

It's been awhile hasn't it? Far too long. I have been at work with the publication and promotion of our book God's Refugee. Things really got started after it won first place in non-fiction at Florida Christian Writer's Conference and has not stopped since then. John (who is the book's subject) has been busy with a tour garnering support for his seminary, Good Shepherd College and Seminary, and getting to speak a lot about the book, from coffee shops, newspapers, and even some great radio press. God has really been behind him and it is wonderful to see.

I was so shocked at our first reading to feel so much love and connection with our readers. I thought it would be super awkward and feel very "promotional"- yuck, but just the opposite was true. It felt joyful to get to share with others.

I have also had some much needed down time with my husband and children after so many writing deadlines. Although I still write daily, there is no pressing time-frame, which is a wonderful change.

Lastly, I have been reflecting on future projects, praying, writing and seeing what God has in store, but I believe some changes to the old blog are in order. I began this blog with no clear focus or direction and that ambiguity has remained. Truthfully, I began this blog because I felt pushed (from no one in particular) to create platform for God's Refugee. I think this pressure has surfaced in the writing. Writing for the sake of platform is a terrible dark road - never go down it.
Thanks be to God, I have lately felt called to write (and yes, even blog) with greater integrity, courage, and authenticity. I am working on some ideas, which I hope will be ready at the moment they need to be. Not much else to say, but more to come.
I hope everyone who stumbles upon this little post, in this little corner of the internet is richly blessed and if we are not friends already, I hope we get to become so soon.

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