Friday, April 1, 2016

Latest Awesome Read: The Last Ride

I love young adult and teen fiction books. Some of my favorite novels fall into this category. I'm always looking for spirited and fun female protagonists. Scout, Jo March, Christy, and Ann of Green Gables - these ladies all encouraged me to read and to write.
I recently finished Susan K. Marlow's, The Last Ride, and I was introduced to another great character, Andrea Carter, who lives in the 1880's on big cattle ranch in Fresno. In The Last Ride Andi learns of a deadly secret, one that has serious consequences to her life. Through her experiences with her cousin, she learns to let go of resentment and move toward forgiveness.
As a mentor to middle grade girls, this type of book is exactly what I'm looking for and as a bonus, enjoy reading. I'd like to read the whole series. If you are a fan of Little House on the Prairie, you'll like this book too
Also, as a writer and reader I'm beginning to see how important a cover of a book is. It communicates so much. I think this cover perfectly suits its book.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and is reading something good. You know I also need book suggestions. Send them my way.

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